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    Question the in-battle field guild

    Hello everyone
    i feel like making a tutorials for use in battle
    i will tell about the modes, weapons, and Tactics who are used in battle
    Lets get started

    1 the weapons
    All weapons in Robocraft are there to deal damage to Your enemy's but Each weapon has its own Spefic purpose in which exile in
    but all the weapons need energy to shot which is seen in the HUD right besides the Crosshair
    if not enough energy is there to shot a weapon the Bar will flash red to signal this

    SMG or Lasers: are the Basic gun types. while they dont have a Spefic purpose to do and as for such are Suited as a Backup weapon and its energy useage is Low and has a + crosshair

    Plasma: are suited against groups of bots using there splash damage to damage all enemy bots in its splash but its Energy useage is High. uses a Special Y crosshair

    Rail: are Suited to quickly take out vital points on a Enemy's bot with there far reach and powerfull scope But its reload time and Big sizes makes it hard to work with and also there energy
    useage is high. uses a + crosshair along with its scope and Aiming laser which can be Seen by EVERYONE IN GAME

    Nano: are suited towards suporting ally's by healing them or keeping them alive and energy useage is low but it cant deal any damage and it should ALWAYS be pared with a Other weapon
    Has a square like Crosshair with 4 dots inside the crosshair who turn green when locked to a ally

    Tesla: are suited towards ambushing enemy's and getting them offguard where the energy useage is also Low but you need to Touch the enemy with a Open blade to deal damage which is Risky. They use No Crosshair

    Proto: are suited into damaging Quick Enemy's (or racers as we call them) and to pick off them or if they have shields there shields but its energy useage is Medium. the crosshair is O which when a enemy is in reach and put inside the crosshair will be locked with a triangle which wears when the triangle gets out of the O

    Flank: are suited to get Flying enemy's out of the air by explosives which increase in power how more you hit but it can only be used on the ground and there energy useage is Medium. the crosshair is a O which grows spikyer when you hit a enemy in the air with continues shots without missing but missing or not shoting at all will revert it to its O shape

    Ion: are suited toward dealing High damage in Short bursts if used corectly but there reach is Low and there energy useage is High
    The crosshair is a Sperated Hexogon with a O in the middle

    LOML: are suited to hit far away enemy's by launching Missles which Steer towards the Locked target but they have to lock on first which takes 2-3 seconds which Shows the direction of a lock on to the enemy and leaves the bot who uses LOML open for attacks, there energy useage is High
    The crosshair is in a O shape but with arrows at its quarters to signal what the state of the lock on it

    Chain: are suited to Quickly dismentle a enemy's cubes and other parts with low effort however they need a time to spin up (2-3 seconds)where it fires slowly but gets faster until it comes to full speed to which the shots are Fast. Energy useage is Medium when starting but Low on full speed
    the Crosshair is a O shape with parts black and parts white which spins faster as you shot the weapon until its gray where stopping the weapon will turn it back into black and white

    Gyro: are suited towards groups of enemy's who are beyond cover due to the Arc being used on the projectile and its Splash damage which is Equel to a Mega but has a High energy useage and Needs Skill to be used aswell
    uses a Crosshair which looks like a alitude meter (Use the degree indicator to help your aim)

    2 the gamemodes
    The gamemodes are easy to understand or to learn but each of the gamemodes have different Playstyles

    Battle arena: Khown as clasic battle for old Robocrafters this mode is the Real Experice of Robocraft
    the Mode is Simple
    in the game when you spawn you see 3 Purple spots on the map but also on your HUD Which indicates the spots neutral state
    Capturing a spot will allow your team to charge up a massive weapon and to turn on your team base shield to prevent enemy's form stealing energy or to Enter that base in the first place
    To capture a spot just stay on the spot
    Once captured a bot should always be on guard to return to that spot when its indicator starts to turn White
    the team who has more spots will charge faster
    If a team gets all 3 spots captured there enemy team's Shield which protects there charge will Lower allowing a change to take there energy and take it as there own
    Every once in a while a gaint crystal will appear somewhere by the center of the map
    when it appears it will take on the color of the Winning team which only the other team can destory (if crystal is blue only players of the red team will be able to damage it and destroy it)
    letting a Team destory it will make the charge's that Both team's hold Equal (your team has 25% and the enemy's have 50%...destroying the Crystal will Set your team's energy to 50%)
    Filling up the charge at 100% will Fire at the enemy's base Destroying it and ending the game

    TDM: a clasic mode for all Shotter games
    in this mode the teams have to get 15 points by destorying the enemy team's bots
    each kill of the enemy team will award 1 point
    the team that makes the target first wins or in case of a timeout the team that is the Closest to the target
    if both team's are tied when a timeout comes in the game will go into sudden-death where the First team to get a Point wins
    there are also gamemodes which only appear in brawl or in Custom games which are

    Elimination:Kill the enemy team or take over there base but if you are destroyed you are Out of the game
    a team wins when
    1 the enemy team is all destroyed
    2 your team capturing the enemy's base

    3 the tactics
    tactics are often used to outplay the enemy team
    in battle arena the most common tactic is to split as soon as the game has start into groups to attack
    Often 1 or 2 players go to the nearest spot where the others will go for the middle where usealy the most Fights are and also the place where the first fights of the match will start
    also often is that if all 3 spots are captured that One player of the team splits form the group to "Steal" energy form the enemy base while the other team members will defend the spots

    In all gamemodes Flanking is Common which involve Splitting up in groups to attack a enemy for different directions...even form beyond if possable

    In robocraft there are alot of tactics who are being used in battle ...more then i can count or tell so i just leave you to discover them

    I hope this helps new players to Get to khow how the game is played and how everything works ^^

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    Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the AI bot on the enemy team as it amounts to free kills, this is especially important in TDM.