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    If you have a choice to play in TEAM DEATHMATCH because you want to finish DAILY QUEST with "WIN 1 BATTLE IN TEAM DEATHMATCH" then, you must select that TEAM DEATCHMATCH to stop playing in RANDOM battles.

    And to do this, you must go to the PLAY section and on the picture where MULTIPLAYER writes is a small wheel on the right side of the picture, you must click on the small wheel.

    Now, you have another menu.

    Unselect the picture where BATTLE ARENA writes and leave it select picture where TEAM DEATHMATCH writes and click on CONFIRM button.

    Now, you can play at MULTIPLAYER only the TEAM DEATHMATCH mode.

    Note: do not forget to select picture BATTLE ARENA and unselect picture TEAM DEATHMATCH if you only want to play BATTLE ARENA, or leave both selected if you want to play in RANDOM battles.

    link foto

    link foto

    link foto

    Thank you!

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    I think you saved my LIFE! Wow I had know idea... Thanks so much im on it.

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    Amm... For so many days after update... Someone still didn't knew about that...?

    "That bot tho..."

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