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    For example, what's the answer to poverty? Try to think of a single solution that will solve it completely.
    A merit based society rewarding personal responsibility, with a side of social safety net.
    ascension to god-hood. A bit harder to conceive of how this would work, but probably just as do-able long run ...

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    Post rebalancing the physics of robots?

    The bug that I found is this: the player who is always complaining in Robocraft is unbearable.

    it would be nice if the players are positive and not negative about the details "weapon" after I'm ok for the "physical", I think the weapons are well balanced.

    even if everyone does not care about my message I think it is important to read it because it can also change the future of robocraft, because the weapons are well balanced if it is poorly balanced freejam should repair it the problem .

    for the physics of robots, I agree there is a lack of balancing you see on the legs of the insect she turns around for no reason
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    [Removed post]
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    Err, sorry if this removed post was inapropiate. Completely unintended, please "stay cool"

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    wow this is helpful i've been playing since.... 2014 i think and just joined forums and this whole article helps a lot thanks Ng!

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    What I've always loved about roboctaft is that it's so darn creative. it's the only game where I can build a star destroyer and put as many guns on it as I want. but now it's way too meta focused. people just build blocks with wings and guns because that's the meta and the meta is way to damn strong. this new f =ma thing is a nice idea but it will limit creativity and force(see what I did there) you to play by the meta otherwise you get punished. that's not the roboctaft we all know and love. heck with a creative game like this there shouldn't even be a meta because of how many new bots people can think up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alive0001 View Post

    It has good, understanding title.
    It implies an exact audience (the Devs).
    It is so detail that maybe too much.
    It is all based on the original of parts.
    It lead discussion.

    But sorry it is useless in any form of impact as an messy article.
    it need less google translate tho..

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    Quote Originally Posted by catnium View Post
    it need less google translate tho..
    It needS

    An S has to be applied after He She It. For example She workS He liveS

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    Let's try to not derail the thread, k? Content is more important than grammar; grammar is just the icing on the cake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NGniusness View Post
    Let's try to not derail the thread, k? Content is more important than grammar; grammar is just the icing on the cake.
    grammar makes things, more understandable, and easier for your reader to receive information.

    also.. making posts spaced-out in sections based on different subjects, or ideas, will also help people understand.

    does this count as good feedback?