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    In-Battle Improvements

    Hey there Robocrafters,
    Today we wanted to let you know about some very important Quality of Life improvements coming to Robocraft with the Infinity Update - specifically, in-battle QoL.

    Battle-ready Robots
    There's nothing more annoying to both you and your teammates when you enter battle with a Robot that isn't battle-ready. So, with the Infinity Update we will be running a background 'battle-ready check' prior to a player queuing up for battle. If your Robot doesn't have Movement Parts and/or Weapons attached, then you'll be presented with a little pop-up and you won't be able to queue.

    In-battle Settings
    One of the many QoL requests from our players is the ability to access the game's main settings and control/keyboard mapping options in-battle. We're pleased to announce that both of these will be accessible in-battle when the Infinity Update launches this month.

    In-battle UI Improvements
    Finally, the observant of you may have already spotted this in our earlier reveals, but the in-battle UI is also getting a fresh lick of paint. We've made a number of improvements to the in-game UI and you'll see these in the screenshot below. Among these improvements is that players will now see the correct team colors on the kill-feed located above the mini-map.

    As you can probably imagine, the Infinity Update is shaping up to be the biggest single update we've ever released for Robocraft. As such, there will be issues with it when we launch it later this month. The team are working incredibly hard on fixing the bugs and issues associated with the update, but it simply isn't possible for us to spot every single issue and so we're going to need your help. Once the update is live and you see something unexpected or broken, please do let us know so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

    Happy gaming!

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    That's exactly what we've been waiting for. Thanks Freejam

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    ....Darn, I was hoping for the enlarged team scale... but I will say we really need a battle-check. Guess I am gonna wait for the news in the future. :S

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    Red face

    Control options are always good... Thanks

    We have needed them for a long time... awesome...

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    Would also be nice if we could change our loadout ingame too
    It's really annoying when I get into game and my blink module isnt on 3, where i normally have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftOfNeverFJ View Post
    settings and control/keyboard mapping options in-battle
    :-) :-) :-) tnx!

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    It seems obvious to display "Destroyed" in the kill feed? I think in the kill feed there should be also weapon type what was used to gain said kill. Again, this is my opinion, but feedback is nice and i would really like what other people think about my idea regarding this.

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    LooK OK!

    +1 for color at the indicator robot health || +1 for laser enemy color effect || +1 for controls menu in the battle || +1 for settings menu in the battle
    -1 for small characters at the players name || -1 for small characters at the number of deaths

    question 1: does the ENERGY name, appear next to the indicator?
    question 2: if my robot contains only one module without a wepon, can i enter into the battle with him?
    ex: 200 medium cube + 8 hover squall + 2 rudder hawk + 1 emp module

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    ENERGYENERGYENERGY. Dont bring it back D: Or atleast make toggleable. Or make it appear only when low on energy maybe? Better toggleable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vooker525 View Post
    ENERGYENERGYENERGY. Dont bring it back D: Or atleast make toggleable. Or make it appear only when low on energy maybe? Better toggleable!
    Ehh? Does it get in the way so badly? xD

    Getting better.=) Also, you mentioned that we'll be able to change Configure of robot right in the match, I mean Cam\key control of the bot.
    I'm looking forward especially to this.=)