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    Post New Player Guide for Infinity and Golden Guns

    I have seen some newer players complaining about not having enough money for golden guns, so I have decided to make a guide on getting them...
    So 25 legendaries for a golden part right?
    Thats not too hard to attain when you have played since crates so what about people who have just started? Well they can certainly get a few golden guns, but what is the best strategy to get the most money from tech points as fast as possible?
    Nickurman98 asked me to see how many robits could be obtained from selling everything you get for free from the tech tree, so I made a google sheet about it ~> here
    As you can see the tech tree only gives 4.5 million robits to anyone who fully unlocks it (if they have non premium and sell everything but the legendaries needed) but that is still enough for nearly 2 stacks of 25 parts for golden infinite ones...
    Thats not even mentioning the robits you could get from battles (450ish battles of 6000ish robits per game gives quite a bit)
    If you need more robits quickly I highly advise going to the Compact Cubes and unlocking them despite their cost being 5 tech points, since they gives 1000 free cubes at the start, a whole 1000 stack of Compact Cubes sells for 125,000 robits (and there are 12 types of compact cubes to unlock)... The Compact cubes are one of the greatest sources of free robits from all the tech tree... That is if we dont count the 8 Mech Leg Titans that sell for over 200,000 robits (if you dont want them golden that is).
    Also oddly enough, most EPIC variant parts sell for more than the LEGENDARY ones because you get more EPICs when you unlock them...
    New players may not be able to get every gun, but seeing whats sells for the most helps..
    I right now am doing this on an alt without premium to try to get every gun

    PS. Can a MOD fix the title please? Sorry... Thanks xD
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    compacts sell for 125,000 each !!!

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    You just wanted the typo fixed, I'm assuming?

    Useful guide, keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeycraft1980 View Post
    compacts sell for 125,000 each !!!
    Sorry the whole slot of TX cubes sell for 125,000... My bad... I will reword it, sorry if you were confused by that :/

    You just wanted the typo fixed, I'm assuming? Useful guide, keep up the good work!
    Yep, thanks
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    The Infinity update in brief:

    - Your stockpile of parts are going to BURN - BUT all part types are going to become 'infinite' (see 4th & 5th points).

    - Your stockpile extras is NOT going to be recycled for you.

    - LEGENDARY movement and weapon parts have a limited time offer: have 25 of EACH (cosmetic variants do NOT count) and you ALSO have access to the GOLDEN variant.

    - To have access to any infinite cosmetics, keep ONE (you can recycle the rest)

    - To have access to infinite base tech, if you have the tech tree unlocked - you have infinite.

    - You can copy all your built bots and dismantle them for efficiency.

    - You MIGHT want to keep 'some' parts and blocks for your building means - but then recycle them shortly before the update.

    - Side-note: Premium offers better recycle rates.

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    Thanks for the guide!

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    I would highly suggest buying 24hr premium before recycling everything on the tech tree down to 0 and everything that costs CC down to 1... Its only 1.19$

    If you have not already... You get a 75% recycle rate rather than a 25% recycle rate...

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    What the heck are infinity and golden guns???

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    Quote Originally Posted by actualdirtydan View Post
    What the heck are infinity and golden guns???
    These are Golden Guns:
    link foto

    link foto

    These are Golden Movements:
    link foto

    link foto

    These are Carbon Guns:
    link foto

    And "infinity" it's about all the components you can create a robot, you can add them to a single garage without counting, until you get 10,000 CPU, because those components will never be consumed.

    Before "infinity" update, you had to buy components and if you buy to say: 5 gold laser, you could put in that garage just 5 gold lasers, and now with infinity update you can add 50,000 gold laser in one garage.

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    These are special effects from Gold with Normal weapons / from Gold with Normal movements: