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    The Infinity Cube System

    Hey all,
    Yesterday we told you all about our plans for the "Great Golden Gun Programme" that will reward those of you who've built up an inventory of legendary weapons and movement parts with unlimited golden variants when we release the Infinity Update later in November.

    In this post we're going to explain/re-cap a bit more about one of the biggest changes coming to Robocraft - infinite parts; explaining what it means and how it will affect you.

    Before we do, I just want to clarify a couple of points raised in relation to yesterday's Golden Gun forum post as there was some confusion as to what parts are included and if parts on robots were counted.

    • Only the parts listed on the forum post (see here) are included in the programme. Legendary modules, blocks or Carbon 6/Cosmetic skins are not included
    • Players must own at least 25 of an included legendary part either in their inventory or on any of their robots in order to qualify for the golden variant
    • Players having an excess of one part cannot request a golden variant of another
    • We have no plans to make the golden variants available to Robocraft PC players outside of this promotion at this time.
    • If you don't currently have enough inventory to meet the minimum requirements, you've a couple of weeks before the update lands and so there's still some time to forge the parts. If you're low on Robits, consider recycling unwanted parts as these will become redundant when the Infinity Update is released. Remember premium offers triple the recycle rate and it's available to purchase in the in-game store.

    Now… the Infinity Cube system

    Infinite Cubes = Infinite Options
    Currently in Robocraft, once you unlock an item on the Tech Tree, you're gifted a few of them so you can start using them on your robots; these can quickly be used up on a single Robot and you have to forge more. But what happens if you don't have enough Robits to forge more? Well, you currently need to earn more Robits, recycle unwanted parts or remove a part from another Robot. All of these are not ideal if you want to finish a robot for battle and add unnecessary grind into the game. While we understand some players like the grind, others don't and would prefer not to have build limitations placed upon them.

    We want players to have the freedom to build what they want, when they want, and with the parts they've unlocked on the Tech Tree; which is why we're saying goodbye to both the forge and recycle features and making all cubes, parts and cosmetics unlimited. Once you've unlocked a part on the Tech Tree or purchased a cosmetic with CC (Cosmetic Credits) you'll have an unlimited amount to use as and when you want without ever having to worry about inventory. Talking of inventory, here's what the new Inventory screen will look like.

    Player Inventories

    When we release the Infinity Update (currently scheduled for Mid-November), all player accounts will be upgraded to the Infinite cubes system. Any parts a player has unlocked on the Tech Tree or any special cosmetic parts they own will be Infinitised! This means you'll have unlimited quantities of that part. Whether you have 1 Top Laser Wasp or 1,000, once the Infinity Update has been released, you'll have unlimited Top Laser Wasps. Even if you have zero Top Laser Wasps in your inventory, as long as it has been unlocked on the Tech Tree, it will be Infinitised.

    Boost your Robits balance
    As already mentioned, the Infinity Update will remove the recycle functionality, it will no longer be needed as everyone will have unlimited parts. So if you want to boost your Robits or Cosmetic Credits balance, we do recommend you recycle your inventory before the update to maximise your Robocraft Bank Balance. So, if you have five Pirate Flags, recycle 4 of them. Got 30 Steering Wheel Monster? Recycle five of them to take advantage of the special golden gun initiative.

    Pro-Tip: Premium will give you triple the Robits when recycling standard (non-cosmetic) parts.

    Spending Robits post-Infinity Update
    Currently, players use Robits to forge new parts; with the removal of the Forge, it would make Robits redundant as there would be nothing to spend them on. So, we're going to give you things to spend them on - cosmetics! As previously mentioned in an earlier dev jam, we're going to make some cosmetic parts forgeable with Robits. Some will still remain CC-exclusive, but rest-assured, there will be things to spend your hard-earned Robits on.

    Important information about the Infinity Update
    The Infinity Update is without question the biggest single update we've ever planned for Robocraft; it's more than just the introduction of the Infinity Cube system. There are so many new and exciting features and content being added to the game including Tiers, Quick Play, visual improvements, new Item Shop, CRF changes, and some new parts too. All of these and more we will be talking about in the run-up to the Infinity Update release!

    Due to the sheer size/scope of the update we want to make it absolutely clear that there will in all likelihood be issues and bugs associated with the launch; it's simply not possible for us as a small dev team to have crossed all the "t"s and dotted all the "i"s and thought of everything when coding all the great stuff that's coming! But, by working with us to raise any game-breaking / glaringly obvious issues through the correct channels, we'll be able to fix them as quickly as possible.

    Even though we don't have a confirmed release date yet, we're looking at dates that fall in the early part of the week so we can fix any game-breaking issues before the end of the week. Again, once we've nailed down the release date, we'll let you know.

    Thanks for your continued support for Robocraft and for your patience when things don't always go to plan.

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    Nice info! Time to get writing...

    Since robits will become less useful after the infinity update, will there be a re-balance of robit earnings to reflect that?

    Also a reminder to everyone: Premium is currently on-sale (30% off) for halloween

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    So what is the plan for boosts in tiers?

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    I guess this is still a Work in progress screenshot, isn't it? I thought the parts will be coloured with their respective tier-colour (like..purple for T4, blue for T3...etc) and what is OPS room by the way?

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    Anyone know if they intend to up the prices of cosmetics with this update? CC cost per item that is.
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    How about the Tech tree? Will it be kept or eliminated in the update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEAN3366 View Post
    How about the Tech tree? Will it be kept or eliminated in the update?
    Of course they will not eliminate it, because without the technological tree there would be no progress of any kind.

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    hope we finally get the sentence "boost will be removed" and "elimination mode is back" plus bigger teamsizes and/or a purpose for megabeds...

    what is OPS room? maybe the HUB? i predict the open world map from robocraft royale for social purpose for your bots.
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    So, if you have five Pirate Flags, recycle 4 of them.
    Does this mean that cosmetics will be infinite too?

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    So, I'm wondering if the infinitization of cosmetics is going to apply to all carbon 6 variants as well as reglar cosmetics? If so i have a ton of selling to do