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    The Great Golden Gun Exchange Programme

    Hey all,
    It's time to announce the details of the "Great Golden Gun Exchange Programme".

    When we announced our plans to "Infinitise" Robocraft, we revealed that we would be rewarding players who owned a number of legendary parts with sparkly golden variants that would be automatically added to player accounts upon the release of the Infinity Update. At the time, we were unsure as to how many copies of a legendary part you would need in order to get the golden variant and we stated that once this had been confirmed, we'd let you know.

    So, how many parts do you need to get a golden variant? 25 (or more)!

    If you have at least 25 of a Legendary movement or weapon part listed below prior to the Infinity Update, you'll receive a golden variant once the update is live.

    Legendary Movement Parts:
    • Steering Wheel Monster
    • Wheel Monster
    • Mech Leg Titan
    • Hover Blade Hurricane

    Legendary Weapons:
    • Laser Leviathan
    • Plasma Goliathon
    • Rail Impaler
    • LOML Viper
    • Ion Distorter
    • Chain Shredder
    • Gyro Mortar

    Want all the golden variants? Ensure you have at least 25 of each part before the Infinity Update goes live. Our current plan is to launch the Infinity Update mid-November (subject to change).

    Important information about the Infinity Update

    The Infinity Update is without question the biggest single update we've ever planned for Robocraft; it's more than just the introduction of the Infinity Cube system. There are so many new and exciting features and content being added to the game including Tiers, Quick Play, visual improvements, new Item Shop, CRF changes, and some new parts too. All of these and more we will be talking about in the run-up to the Infinity Update release!

    Due to the sheer size/scope of the update we want to make it absolutely clear that there will in all likelihood be issues and bugs associated with the launch; it's simply not possible for us as a small dev team to have crossed all the "t"s and dotted all the "i"s and thought of everything when coding all the great stuff that's coming! But, by working with us to raise any game-breaking / glaringly obvious issues through the correct channels, we'll be able to fix them as quickly as possible.

    Even though we don't have a confirmed release date yet, we're looking at dates that fall in the early part of the week so we can fix any game-breaking issues before the end of the week. Again, once we've nailed down the release date, we'll let you know.

    Thanks for your continued support for Robocraft and for your patience when things don't always go to plan.

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    Oooh shiny!

    A lot of us are feeling update-starved right now, but I think news of this upcoming major update should tide us over for a few more weeks (fingers crossed). I'm excited!

    I have something to put in this week's Robonews!

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    Well i guess im not gonna get any of them

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    25 for 1... fair enough, speaking of golden variant... golden hp cubes when?

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    There will be plenty for this week's edition of Robonews

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRW View Post
    25 for 1... fair enough
    25 for Infinite..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftOfNeverFJ View Post
    25 for Infinite..
    oh. i thought it was 25 parts for 1 golden variant. lol. this is much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftOfNeverFJ View Post
    25 for Infinite..

    shiny mega rails!

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    so there won't be golden module right? lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRW View Post
    so there won't be golden module right? lol.
    No, it's just movement and weapons listed at the top.