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    FAIRYTAIL - Recruitment OPEN

    FairyTail clan looking for active users on RC-game!
    FairyTail is international clan.
    We are more like Family Guild.
    We are looking for old-experienced people!!!

    If You like good atmosphere and good fights its CLAN for you !!!
    We prefer to play League Games.
    Our experience and hot stuff will help you to improve your potential and skill !

    Our Leader: XatronGod
    Vice Leader: Driftcore or Myjohhny

    Your recruitment post needs to use the format listed below

    o In-game username: XatronGod
    o Real name (optionally): Maciek
    o Gender (male & female): Male
    o Nationally: Poland
    o In-game level: 2222
    o Clan member (Clans U belong before): -
    o E-mail:
    o Time for game (~each day): 2 hours
    o Main Language: Poland
    o Second Language: English, Española, Japanese
    o Reason why You want join to FairyTail: make society and have fun with friends : ]
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    Just a heads up: that's a link to a specific message in discord, not a server invite. Most people (myself included) can't see that message, so we can't join your server

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    Thanks for advice !

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    \( ^.^)/

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    Hey I wouldn't mind giving your clan a try for sure! Been kinda lame in the AnimeIsLife clan there's hardly ever anyone online. Anyway, here's my info:

    o In-game username: xXAKmonkeyXx
    o Real name (optionally): Kyle
    o Gender (male & female): Male (I identify as a coconut tho)
    o Nationally: American
    o In-game level: around ~490
    o Clan member (Clans U belong before): AnimeIsLife
    o E-mail:
    o Time for game (~each day): ~2 hours, less on work days
    o Main Language: English
    o Second Language: a tiny bit of spanish
    o Reason why You want join to FairyTail: For one because of the cool theme XD, Fairy Tail is awesome. And two, so I can be part of a cooperative clan and just have some fun playing some good ol robocraft.