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    Post Campaigns Mode Feedback

    Welcome Everyone!

    You're probably here because you want to give your feedback on the NEW Campaigns mode we've added to Robocraft. Any and all feedback is welcome, but I must ask you to Follow the Forum Rules and try to be polite.

    You can also post your Campaign attempts/victories here too. We'd love to see how you played the campaigns.

    Please try to give feedback in the Following layout:

    NEGATIVE COMMENTS: I don't like the way this works because...
    POSITIVE COMMENTS: I really like the way this works because...
    By finding out what you do and don't enjoy about the campaign mode, as well as why, allows us to make changes based on your feedback.

    I've also added a Poll to find out your overall opinion of the campaigns mode.

    Myself and the rest of Freejam look forward to reading your feedback

    -Josh Design Jammer

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    Negative: I dont like the fact i cant go fighting the waves with my main bot. I basically have to build a completly new bot with the weapons the game want me to put on. Thats not what i imagined. I want to battle with my Bot. The bot ive been using since the beginning.

    Nothing positive so far.

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    I want to be able to take all my bots in without restrictions!

    I don't like the way this works because most of my decent bots contain higher rarity parts that I can't take in to campaign battles meaning I have to spend time adjusting my bots and figuring which parts I can't take in or then starting a bot from scratch which can take some time!
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    The thing about your poll is people can take "amusing" different ways as in the: Hilariously Embarrassing Joke of an update sort OR Fun with good laughs update.

    So your results from that poll will be vastly inaccurate

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    it's funny, you want to play with your main bot? but why? because it's more optimized ????So why do you get upset when you play B.A against better players? too good guys LOL . I can not wait to test that out of work

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    I dont want to take a turn on the poll just yet. Because i dont have a rating just yet. Since im not going to make new bot for a gamemode. Wich means im not playing the new mode.

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    I have developed my bot for 4 years now.since i joined Robocraft. Yes it is optimized and survived alot of updates.

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    When we spawn we take instant damage, sometimes it destroys my tiny bot even before I spawn, then lose instantly because 1 life for the challenge you know

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    i like this mode
    but one thing to note is the spawn location's
    sometimes you get wracked as you swarmed or spawn in with instand damage
    also the enemy's are easy to Out range
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxilein View Post
    I have developed my bot for 4 years now.since i joined Robocraft. Yes it is optimized and survived alot of updates.
    You won the trophy tetris, because if you play the same bot since 4 years, and you're good with ... you're a champion :-)

    To return to the subject, I hope there is a ranking between friends, because otherwise it will be fun 5 minutes, but quickly tiresome