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    HUGE BUG/s

    In elimination sometimes nobody is able to deal damage so the only option is to self destruct. Self destructing leads to an infinite loading screen so the only option is to alt f4.
    Also the kill sound for elimination ignores the sound sliders in options.

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    Yep... Hope this gets fixed soon...

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    I'm not letting this post die... Lol
    It needs fixed badly...

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    I'll help keep this alive

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    I have an endless loading screen, even if I leave after death In normal battle.

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    Post Read what i wrote below

    @Robocraftgame - 4:26 AM - 28 May 2019 -

    We will be entering maintenance at 12:30 UTC+1 to revert the Event System changes after debugging the no damage issue.

    We are still working on this issue, but please let us know if you experience any issues and send your Output logs to us!

    Search for the following files on your hard disk drive, see photo:


    If you have Windows 7 you will find them in these folders, see photo:

    Select those files and give COPY, see photo:

    Create a new folder on your DESKTOP, see photo:

    And PASTE in it, to those files, see photo 1:
    And photo 2:

    Now, archives that folder on your DESKTOP, see photo 1:
    And photo 2:

    Okay, now, click on this link:

    And complete in the following way:

    Your email address: "write your e-mail or g-mail address"

    Game+Request Type: "choose options: Robocraft ➤ Account Management or Issues"

    In-Game Username: "write your player name"

    Subject: "you write a title"

    Description - include your operating system version for technical related issues:
    "you write everything that happened to you and how you got that error message or an endless loading screen"
    "and what operating system you have"

    Now, click the ADD FILES button, see photo:

    And insert your archive from DESKTOP, see photo:

    And now, click the SUBMIT button to send your message, your pictures and your archive to FREEJAM Team, see photo:

    You will receive the answer on your E-mail or G-mail address, that you wrote to this box "Your email address:"

    That was all, good luck for all players! ✌️

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    Steering skis are non functional with this update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolaboy View Post
    Steering skis are non functional with this update!
    They made them move and steer on their own to not doing anything ._.