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    Question mega bots?

    are there mega bots in elimination now? just asking

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    Not yet......

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    when you add an old game mode to the game and you can't even do it right.
    In custom games you can have a megabot.

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    Nope there still locked into custom combat. With no real incentive or reward for playing a Mega(they were fun in open combat TDM multiplayer) I have not built any Mega's. I deleted all of mine when they were removed.

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    Oh, good old robo interface, the current interface has nothing in common with the robo style...

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    I've been doing some custom games with my mega bot and friends but mega bots are not really tuned for the "new" robocraft... so mega bots are not really unstoppable behemoths anymore but heh i guess it was bit fun for nostalgia..
    if you wish to join our discord group where we're trying to do close to old-school robocraft custom matches with no mega weapons (t3/t4) hit the link below