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    🔨 Robocraft Experiments 🔧

    Do you want Robocraft Experiments?
    Read this first, then give us your feedback...

    Loads of blocks fallin down, pretty satisfying:

    Rough prototype of a motor acting as a Rotating Platform:

    Gameplay Trailer from QBotics made by Freejam cofounders in 2012:

    Walker built in QBotics made by Freejam cofounders in 2012:

    Build you own arena's, maybe?

    Very early prototype of simple joints like Hinges and Axles:

    Prototyping a Catapult in Robocraft Experiments:

    A very quick prototype of how to create long smooth curved in Robots:

    A very quick prototype of how it may be possible to add Decals to a Robot:

    Link Twitter:

    Link Reddit:

    Link YouTube:

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    Info kept coming out on twitter so I joined twitter. Not joining redit to keep up & regret joining twitter

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    I like them.
    Especially the joints and rotating platforms.
    What also is nice are the different angled ramps.

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    FINALLY they're bringing back elimination.. now that they have 600 active players left, it would hardly make a difference tho...
    and of course the same dumb meta is going to dominate there too. if they want this to work they may have to start by making it GROUND BOTS ONLY so there are no flying copters bombarding everyone with the spewing mega plasma

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    Kane approves

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    Quote Originally Posted by statichargefield View Post
    Kane approves
    *crawls back to the forums*

    (reads a few threads)

    HOLY S*** YES YES YES!!!

    Robocraft Experiments looks like it has great potential, and i would love to play it ^-^

    *plus when this comes out, the artbot community in RC would be able to unleash their full creativity with all these moving parts, and the decals ^-^*

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    NOD confessors approve of customizable decals...

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    Post NEWS News news !!!

    Note: click on these photos to open them on another site page for see them better.

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    Post NEWS part 2 !!!