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    Quote Originally Posted by Avestron View Post
    Well... players should always have a choice so I feel that a small aside on insect legs would be appropriate.

    Also cannot resist but disagree that green lasers, teslas or nanos are useless.
    I never said green nanos are useless.

    Wasps are completely and utterly superseded by hornets and tesla slicer's zero energy cost doesn't do you any good if it takes forever to do any serious damage.

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    OK I must have imagined the nanos part.

    Yes Hornets are more powerful and yet they also consume more energy. As a 'charger' weapon they can still be used but Wasps charge up faster.

    Slicers do not need to worry about depleting energy. I've used rippers and novas but its nice to have the steady damage of slicers sometimes.

    And any tesla's damage is pretty serious.

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    Replying so I can get notified of updates! Great guide!

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    Waiting for next update

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    When's the next update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bioniclefan414 View Post
    When's the next update?
    : jeopardy theme.

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    Sad that building doesn't really matter anymore. No triforcing, etc. And now after the Bay update, I will not build anything. Gonna save my dust for more important future content.

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    You just have to micro manage it. Goes without saying it isn't as effective. It is more of a challenge though.^