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    Comprehensive building guide for newer/less experienced builders

    This guide is geared exclusively towards inexperienced players/builders.
    I will be editing chapters into this post as I make them.

    Link to guide:

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    Loving it so far, keep working on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by illuminati#5811 View Post
    Loving it so far, keep working on it
    ty for your kind words.

    Next 2 chapters are up

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    Amazing guide. Expecting the next chapters.

    (I created this account just to post in this thread).

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    Really nice guide, I like it

    Keep up the great work, I feel like I might learn a thing or two from it once it gets finished, even though I am a tryhard top 100 potato league winner vet lol

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    One long chapter added this time, I am a bit busy atm so progress is slowed.

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    Great job! You're quite a resource, very impressive.

    I didn't know front facing aren't smart weapons.

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    nice work @cataphract1 # 3828 For once someone proposes to help young players to understand minimun the routines of the game ...

    I would not start by talking about bot meta, and drone, because by definition a beginner, does not care if his bot is competitive or not.

    Keep your project going, it's a good idea

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    Sticky nao!!!

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    Very nice guide right there,

    I cannot wait for the next chapters !