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    Lightbulb the game should have some of the game modes of tf2

    not all game modes,just some of them.

    the game could have push the payload,and attack and defence.

    they should last less of course.and i reccomend to make it so people can only use this game modes with robots that have been used multiple times and have achieved at least 10 kills.
    so people will not enter these game modes with robots that don't even function.

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    I don't play tf2 or know of the game modes, I wouldn't mind more multiplayer game modes though, I don't think we should gate keep brand new bots.

    I understand that sometimes people bring robots into matches when they don't work because they just built them. Sometimes the best way to test a robot is to put it into the real competition. If we have more multiplayer team based game modes, they should be in rotation with the other games, which in that case we shouldn't prevent people from playing the modes.

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    Maybe in the future. The player base is far too small at the moment for new modes and maps.