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    How about dividing game?

    If cam control is imbossible to be taken out of robocraft I suggest that clans and parties and players who want to use camera control can be put into same game all tiers combined (one player pool only) and they can use camera control if they wish. Rest of players could play as invididual players with keyboard control in games that are much more equal and won't end to one sided massacres in every other game. And now, because camera control bots are in their own game mode, rest tiers can be combined to two or three tiers. So total amount of tiers would be 1+2 or 1+3 instead of 5. FJ could also make top speed as real top speed. So that putting more thrusters won't make top speed as "top speed + extra speed" so there would not be those superfast bots anymore. If camera control players are in same battle mode there's enough players that they don't have to wait long time before battle Of course they can play in normal mode also, but then they have to use keyboard control bots.