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    "Infinity" Gamemode

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    I'd like to see it return. I've been speaking to the team about it. Will investigate this as I don;t believe Brawl has been implemented since the infinitization update.
    maybe.. instead of having brawl being a gamemode that changes over-time...

    remember that "Robocraft Royale" map you devs have sitting around someplace?

    why not... make an "infinity" battle where the match never ends, and players can join, and leave whenever they feel like (sorta like crossout's bedlam) but there a protonium capture points scattered around the large royale map, that players gain points for holding *kills, damage, and assists do not give score, to prevent non-stop clobbering to farm score*

    Gamemode description: Battle other players for control over protonium mines scattered around this energy-rich island, mine protonium for rewards when you return to
    the mothership
    *there will be 2 types of protonium mines:
    *Towers: cannot be captured by players, towers remain the neutral purple color, you gain protonium by shooting the crystals
    *Mines: functions similar to current BA points, as they can be captured, and will display red, or blue depending on if you own, or do not own that point, (point becomes neutral after, approximately 1, to 2 minutes)

    *no platoons allowed
    *robot cpu of 1,000 thru 2,000 allowed
    *requires lvl 25 to unlock

    Scoring system:
    capturing a Mine will reward nothing, but will give score over time, 100 points / second,
    harvesting crystals from a tower gives 50 points per crystal harvested, towers regenerate at a slow pace, so mines are more reliable
    killing players, dealing damage, or assists is useless, you can only gain score by collecting protonium

    players gain RB for how much protonium that they harvested, it is a 1|1 ratio so 10,000 points = 10,000 RB etc....