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    consent to

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    I think so too.
    This game was more fun when all tier weapons were balanced against each other.
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    I don't think T0 SMG should be able to go up against T4 user. However they should be more useful again, or at least so you can still have something like a T3 gun in T5 match doing something like pistol do in battlefield, run out of energy for the bigger weapon and shoot some from your T2 T3 smgs. they should be tier oriented BUT not to such an extent they become useless after their certain tier.

    Basically they gotta take the middle road - make them neither as strong as they were pre patch, nor as weak as they currently are now.

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    I disagree... u want a good side weapon in T5? equip a PSK. Problem solved. Arf-Arf!

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    Quote Originally Posted by statichargefield View Post
    I disagree... u want a good side weapon in T5? equip a PSK. Problem solved. Arf-Arf!
    You can't solve everything with psk. Besides, psk efficiency ain't good at all. I'm looking for a complementary efficient weapon. Luckily, The T1-4 sets would've done just the trick if their consumption was lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by statichargefield View Post
    I disagree... u want a good side weapon in T5? equip a PSK. Problem solved. Arf-Arf!
    I dont like auto-aiming weapons and therefor i'd rarely use PSK or LOML. plus PSK is too big to be considered a "pistol" gotta have something smaller.. which i still do use lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by omiwatari1.3 View Post
    Do not you know RobotRanking?
    Beginners can easily go to high tiers even now. By opening the tech tree.
    If T1 should be simple, it is only a matter of limiting by RobotRanking.
    There is no correlation with making low-tier weapons useful.

    Initially, only the Tier was introduced, the weapon balance remained EPIC LOOT's balance for a while.
    Still the game was established with no problem at all.

    Rather it is only a good aspect.
    As RR works, low tier will be the total number of corresponding parts. It is a simple craft experience.
    At higher tiers, lower Tier weapons are also an option, widening the variety of craft more.

    What does it have to do with boost removal?

    Currently T1 can only bring weapons of T1. (Some exceptionally T2 is brought in some cases)
    RR limits it.
    Is there a problem with using T1 weapons at T5?

    Can you explain the correlation between Boost Remove and Tiering?
    Please tell us the reason why the two must be a set.

    nonsense i have t1 builds in my garage right now that use t3 parts
    lower tiers are all about noob bashing noobs and ai with higher tier weapons and movement parts.

    if only tiers would actually limit the equipment you can use it would actually be fine.
    But it doest

    I also have T4 and T5 builds that still use lower tier lasers and plasma as a backup weaponry
    they are small and ez to stick on the unused parts of the bots structure. like the main body or between the crotch of leg bots
    can even rod force them most of the time.
    its great for when you get disarmed and lose your main weaponry... because than you can go .. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIENDS ...pewpewpew

    they might do less damage but plasma barrage from even a t2 plasma is still better than nothing, and since there is no more scaling there is no real reason not to use up all your leftover CPU on extra guns.

    the only real useless weaponry at t4+ is t0 and t1 the rest is all usable
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    Yeah, who wanted tiers again?

    WOAH, the big one hundred.

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    Why don't u frikin use the energy module? Lasers with the energy module pack a lot of damage and lasts a long time. Chains use so little energy as well. In higher tiers, its all about energy control. U miss all ur shots? U pay for it. No backup to save u. Plasma mechs/hovers and drones wud become unbelievably OP otherwise. Imagine half-destroying a bot with all ur plasma, adding more energy with the energy module and again hitting him with all plasma, then pulling or backup lasers and finishing him with it.. How wud he fight back?
    IIRC that's the problem with RC right now.. those Meta hovers do just that.

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    It feels like being misunderstood. I am not native, but I am doing my best and writing English.

    Have you ever stared at the spreadsheet containing the previous parts performance data well?
    I am not saying "Enhance the low Tier weapon tremendously!"

    The proposal I would like to promote is below.

    Example, Laser's balanced spectrum
    * Nano and Tesla etc. approximate this
    Low Tier Laser: good DPE, low DPS
    High Tier Laser: Bad DPE, High DPS

    This is simply the balance that existed until recently.
    I only want to regain the balance of that time.
    The following is it.

    The point that "WEM should be used" is out of talk.
    Of course, using a WEM with a strong weapon is powerful. But that's it.
    The poor treatment of low Tier weapons remains the same.
    It has low damage and too much energy consumption.

    I just want to give the low Tier weapon a role as a sub weapon. Or simply as a weapon with a long fireable time.

    And the high Tier weapon reduces the total damage compared to the present. That means DPE will be lower.

    As a matter of fact this concept existed for several years.
    And that concept did not hinder the game.