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  • Both:Reworked thrusters(ATE) and Drone flight part.

    5 33.33%
  • Only Reworked Thrusters(ATE).

    1 6.67%
  • Only Drone flight part.

    0 0%
  • None.

    9 60.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by elarma View Post
    I suppose I was a bit rude, sorry OP. I will be a bit more monotone in the future, I am an animated type fellow, sometimes it comes through in my choice of words.
    Now i feel sorry too......(sobs) I just want RC to be a better game (sniff...)(hugs big Labrador doggy...) things will get better.. (smiles..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by K1RYU View Post
    let's all calm down....
    the problem at hand...
    we do NOT need all these extra changes (although all your ideas are really nice)

    what is needed is a simple spin-up time added to thrusters, problem solved, remember how we got rid of prop drones? yeah, just add a small spin-up time to thrusters, and poof, drone agility lessened, drones would still be playable, but would be on-par with average bots, KB drones won't suffer as much, but will see their turning, and pitch speed slightly lowered.
    Well, i guess urs is really the easiest solution after all... lets hope it gets implemented if drones become OP after f=ma!

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    Tho really, ground bots(strictly ground, not hovers and land gliders) need a buff: heavy cube buff, and/or normal cube nerf... and do away with compact cubes(TX-1 cubes) by putting them in TM...

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    did some nerd just say use flak nubs ?


    sure flak ... right

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    Quote Originally Posted by catnium View Post
    did some nerd just say use flak nubs ?


    sure flak ... right
    Agreed Flak suks against drones....... Destroys other aircraft pretty well tho....
    What FJ don't seem to take into account is that flak is effective against planes and copters bcoz the flak explosions destroy wings and rotors quickly as these parts are external and can't be covered and shielded completely. Clipping wings and rotors renders the aircraft immobile and a downed aircraft is a dead aircraft.

    On the other hand, Drones have their movement parts INSIDE the machine... which is well shielded by large shields and Compact cubes. Flak explosions don't deal any useful damage in the first couple of shots to these shields, making these drones OP.