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    Quote Originally Posted by Avestron View Post
    And another.
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    Might just be me, but I see no images.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avestron View Post
    And another.

    Is anyone else not seeing a single screenshot Avestron posts like I am?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nullpersona View Post
    lol you really put them up on a pedestal...

    I beat individuals from any clan, regularly.
    I give credit where it's due, and thought I even did well to shine a positive light on you. I respect your skills. I can't recall running into GM in-game. I have, however played with and against Ave a few rounds. I've played with and against you many times. I know you're a good player. You're easily better than me at the raw player skills most people strive for, and make up the majority of the skills we're talking about here. The average DIVA is arguably better, though, and arguably (as of course I'd have it) you explained why:

    By simply coordinating lock-ons from different directions
    Not exclusive to platoons in any way, it's good practice for any team to do this.

    using drones
    This post is not about drones, and drones are not exclusive to platoons in any way, though they are prevalent with highly-skilled players. They're not as prevalent in newer players in part due to the stigma that gets attached to them by people that refuse to explore them to any real depth.

    this 5-player party was able to eliminate each of my teammates.
    Sounds like they used good teamwork. Teamwork is almost certainly OP, but it is not in any way exclusive to platoons.

    By having all air, most weapons are rendered useless on ground bots, and many on air bots.

    That is something a party can ensure, that randoms cannot, making it a platoon issue.

    The question is simple: If not for platoons, would all five of these bots/players be on the same team?
    We all know the answer. Cheers.[/QUOTE]

    It's totally possible to be randomly matched with 4 good players in good bots as a soloer. It doesn't happen very often, because most of the players available just aren't that good, or they're AI. This would very likely be fixed by more and better players without dev intervention by giving the matchmaker a better pool of players to draw from, so top dawgs and wee noobs and everything in between don't get put against one another as much. I believe the answer is to make better players.

    When a team is able to bypass the matchmaker like this, there is little chance for balance.
    Due to public outcry, the matchmaker doesn't match by party size or skill level anymore. It matches by bots, and these are T5 bots, the highest in the game. If you don't want to run into the best players of the game in the highest-level bots in the game, then run something for a lower tier. Back to your example, though, if it were 1 DIVA player, and both of your teams also randomly got one MBer matched with each of you, and the rest were run-of-the-mill randos, certainly it would have been a much closer battle, but I think the edge would likely still have gone to red. The thing is, we just got this matchmaker a month ago, and the amount of AI backfill present, to me, indicates a lower player pool than it needs to work as amicably as it was intended. If anything towards the problem specific to this post and your example, I think an MMR-based matchmaker would do a better job, but it's doubtful we can go back in a simple manner, given the big sweeping changes and face lift we just got with the matchmaker. They very likely would have to rebuild it from scratch, so it'll be a while. Best we can really do is try to give it a fair shot at giving out good experiences, as opposed to supporting an idea that would only make the core problem worse - if the matchmaker doesn't have enough players to make good matches now, splitting the available player pool further won't help.

    This is why I'm on this mission lately to encourage players to get better at the game, instead of what I call "giving up". Yes, I use an wider definition of that than clicking the "leave battle" button or alt+F4ing. The average skill in the player pool is seriously low. If there weren't players like you and DIVA and QTM and such to show the high end of RC gameplay, these mediocre casuals like myself are going to think we're really getting somewhere. The reality is that we're not. To solve the skill gap, we need more good players, no matter what else happens, or the game as a whole​ can't operate properly.

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    Hm... Lets see if this works out better...

    Still not viewable?

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    What I would like to know is if parties have such a hard time being match against parties how is removing party size from mm catering to the majority?

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    They can't punish people for being good at the game with abnormally long wait times when there's simply not enough people to match them by skill. Similarly, they also can't punish people for choosing to play with friends/platoon members. The one thing that's apparently sacred to Freejam is the queue times and they try their best to keep them short for everyone, which leads to uneven matches some of the time. And that is the issue, isn't it? How often does one face a competent platoon? For me it's like 1 every 15 or more games, playing mostly solo in T5. Hardly an alarming figure.

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    This thread is about illustrating the shortcomings of the matchmaking system - which are at their worst when parties are involved.

    This is not about penalizing parties. It is about highlighting how matchmaking is failing.

    As for what constitutes an alarming figure - the issue is less pronounced at T1-T4 but thats not really the point. The point is that any set of players that chooses to party and does so competently will wipe the floor with hapless randoms, courtesy of the failings of the matchmaking system.

    Original post links to a discussion on how to improve matchmaking if you're interested.

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    Checked steam charts the other day, plus a few more times, saw for the first time less than 1000 online. The game being the game should really have more people playing it. There are reasons as to why the game continues to lose players, Platoon is one of. them, that said, make largest Platoon 3, increase size of teams to 6, put less skilled players with higher skilled Platoon. Need some stats, but doable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphaferret View Post
    What I would like to know is if parties have such a hard time being match against parties how is removing party size from mm catering to the majority?'ll wake the troll

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneMonkey View Post'll wake the troll
    I don't give a rats backside. A troll will troll & if thats cool with the devs its up to them. I only control my actions and my wallet.