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    Exclamation Robocraft Forum Rules

    Hi there! Come in, pull up a chair, sit down and take the weight off your feet.
    Thank you for stopping by and for being part of our ever-growing community of Robocrafters!

    The official Robocraft Forum is your space; a place where you can chat freely about all aspects of the Robocraft game. Whether you want to chat clan tactics, discuss the latest blog post from us, the developers, or simply make new Robocraft loving friends; this is the place to do it.

    As much as we’d love for you to dive right into the forums and get chatting; we do have a few rules that need to be read/processed/understood before you do. We want the Robocraft Forum to be a safe and welcoming online space that everyone can enjoy and so these rules are there to ensure that everyone has a voice; a voice that can be heard.

    Please take the time to read the rules.
    Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules.

    Golden Rules:

    • One account per user: While you may have multiple game accounts, please refrain from using multiple forum accounts - you only need one to have your voice heard. Any user found to be posting with more than one account for whatever reason (e.g. to get around a forum suspension) will have their secondary account/s blocked and may face further action with their main forum account.

    • Do not provoke or troll: We want everyone to feel that they can come to the Robocraft forums and have healthy discussions and fun chat about their favourite Robo-building game. As such, posts designed to troll or provoke others are not permitted.

    • Do not feed the trolls: On the flip side of trolling; do not feel that you need to feed a troll. It’s far better to simply ignore them and report their actions to a member of the moderating or community team.

    • Do not post sexual or violent content: Robocraft is a game that is loved by players of all ages, both young and old; and our forum reflects this. Posting intentionally offensive or inappropriate images and/or content is strictly prohibited and any user found to be posting such material will be dealt with accordingly.

    • Do not post excessive profanity: Everyone likes to have a swear every now and again! However, excessive profanity is prohibited as it can create an unpleasant environment. People will use profanity on rare occasion and that’s fine, but the emphasis is on excessive. Please be mindful of others on the forum.

    • Do not post political or religious topics: The internet is full of forums and communities devoted to these topics; the Robocraft forum isn’t one of them. Please refrain from discussing real-world political issues and religion here.

    • Hate speech is not permitted: Robocraft is played all over the world by people whose race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, religion, age and more may be different from your own. Any form of slurs, racial insults, hate speech, references to real world events or organisations of hate will be immediately removed and further action may be taken.

    • Do not harass or defame: No forum user should ever feel harassed or have their reputation damaged; whether they’re a player or a member of the Freejam staff. So please refrain from harassing or defaming others on the Robocraft forum.

    • Do not threaten or personally attack others: Personal attacks will never be tolerated. The argument “It’s the Internet” holds no weight here. Anything intentionally aimed at upsetting people is prohibited. Treat others with respect!

    • Do not call out others for their in-game activities: We operate a ‘no name and shame’ policy on the Robocraft forums. If you wish to report a player for their in-game behaviour, then please, use the report a player form.

    • Do not discuss cheating, exploiting or hacking: The discussion of hacks, exploits and cheating in Robocraft is strictly prohibited - even if you’re reporting the activities of others (see rule above).

    • Do not post personal information: Doxing or releasing personal information of other players or members of the Robocraft development team is not permitted.

    • Do not derail official discussion threads: Sometimes we will create official threads in order to gather information or feedback relating to Robocraft; please do not disrupt or derail them.

    • Do not bump threads to keep them on top: Don’t bump your own threads without adding something to the discussion. If the discussion is worth having, other people will comment on it.

    • Avoid excessive use of CAPS: While CAPS can be used to emphasise a word, writing in CAPS is considered aggressive and so please refrain from excessive CAPS use. You don’t need to shout to be heard. Just be clear, polite and descriptive in your forum posts and responses.

    • Do not spread or fabricate misleading information: Mis-quoting the developers, making false statements and generally telling fibs is not allowed.

    • Do not impersonate others: Just be yourself, not someone else. The impersonation of others, whether they’re forum user, player, developer or person from another company is prohibited.

    • Do not respond to flame posts, even in self-defence: While we understand that you may feel the need to respond to a flame post, please refrain from doing so - this can actually make matters worse. Instead, please report the post to us through the website.

    • Do not discuss moderator actions: Please do not discuss moderator actions in the forum. If you wish to contest an infraction or discuss a moderator action such as the closing or deleting of a forum thread, please contact us via here.

    • Do not post spam or advertisements: The posting of spam and advertisements for non-Robocraft related products or services is prohibited. These posts will be deleted and the user suspended.

    • Do not post off-topic replies to discussions: Target your answers at the topic of the thread or post, without derailing it. For example: If someone mentions Lasers in their post about thrusters, don’t try and shift the discussion onto Lasers balance.

    • Just be nice: You have absolutely no idea what any other person is going through in their own personal life, so please, just be a nice person. Treat others how you wish to be treated in return.

    Tips for being a great forum contributor:

    Want to become a master forum contributor? Here are some handy tips (in addition to the rules above) that’ll ensure you stay in our good books

    • Starting new threads: New threads should be in the correct sub-forum, have a relevant title and the content should be well-written and descriptive. Duplicate threads of existing fresh threads should be avoided. Also, please don’t post in very old threads without good reason. Often, creating a new thread is preferable.

    • Discussions: Always consider other people’s opinions. It’s called a discussion so please discuss, don’t just state your opinion as fact.

    • Feedback: Constructive feedback is good feedback. We do welcome feedback for our game; yes, even negative feedback. Constructive feedback really does help us understand what we are doing right and more importantly, where we’re going wrong. However non-constructive, abusive, rude and bitter threads that have zero desire to help the development of Robocraft are not welcome and they really serve no purpose whatsoever. All they do is shut out genuine, thoughtful and helpful feedback from players who want to be a part of Robocraft’s journey through development.

    Moderator notes:

    • Generally, moderators should aim to change irrelevant titles to make them relevant, move threads to their correct sub-forums if they’re not already, and close threads which are duplicates of other fresh threads.

    • If moderation action is taken, a note must be made in that thread explaining why the thread was renamed / moved / closed etc..

    • Threads or posts should only ever be deleted if they’re 100% spam with no real contribution, or they contain images of intentionally offensive or inappropriate content.

    Please note that rules above are not exhaustive and can be modified by the community team at any time and without prior notice given.

    The moderators and community team members maintain the ability to discipline, suspend and ban accounts at their sole discretion.