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    Post How can you communicate with any player while you are in a battle?


    You can communicate through 5 different communication channels: [Clan] [Party] [TEAM] [ALL] [private]

    You can activate each one in the following way:

    [Clan] you can write to the clan only if you are in that clan

    [Party] you can write to the party only if you are in that party

    [TEAM] you can write to your team if you are in a battle (in a match)

    [ALL] you can write to all those who are in the same battle with you (in the same match with you)

    [private] you can write a private message to any player who is currently in a battle (in a match), even if you are not in the same battle with him (in the same match with him), or in another clan or even outside of any clan.

    To change the channels between them, use the ENTER key and TAB key, until you reach the desired channel.

    To write in private, use the ENTER key and type like this: /w hard1disk
    And press ENTER key to appear like this: [hard1disk]
    And then you can write the desired message and after you finish typing, press ENTER key.

    The name of that player will be stored until you close the game, return to that private name, press the ENTER key and then the TAB key until you see that private name.

    You can write any names you want (names that you saw during the match) instead of my name [hard1disk].

    Thank you!